Dee Wallace Talks RED CHRISTMAS

With RED CHRISTMAS, Dee Wallace steps in as both Producer and Star in a twisted tale of decisions that come back to haunt a woman and her family. Recently, Dee sat down to explore her new film, and the challenges making it!

Gloria Skulls Hi Dee!

Dee Wallace Hi Honey

G.S First off I want to say thank you for providing us with this interview, I know you must be very busy, especially in this month of October when everyone wants you at their conventions.

Dee Well it’s my pleasure to be here thank you.

G.S Thank You! Today we are going to be discussing your newest Christmas Horror Film that came out in August Red Christmas. First thing is first in the beginning of the film there is a strong message of abortion and religion when you read the script what did you think of that? what was your first impression?

Dee I loved it! That’s one of the reasons I took the project because I thought, my gosh what a different, unique and creative take on a horror film. I just thought it was not only brave but incredibly creative.

G.S Yes, right, especially with the way society is brought up now that you have to be very careful with things that you say and things that you do, I agree with you I thought that was very brave and I really enjoyed it.

Dee Well I think he covers all perspectives of it, which is what I liked and he doesn’t make a real statement in any way or either way, he allows the characters in the film to make the various different statements about it and ultimately when it comes down to it family is more important than anything.

G.S Right, what did you enjoy most about shooting this film? Or Did you have any scene in specific that you liked more?

Dee Well, first of all, I loved being in Australia, I love the people of Australia so that was a big plus. I loved the opportunity to have a role kind of like the role I had in Cujo, where I can play this woman with a real extensive emotional life and the script that I thought was really unique, I mean everything just came together for me in it.

G.S So correct me if I’m wrong but have you ever filmed in Australia before Red Christmas?

Dee I did a long time ago in my career I shot a beautiful movie called MiracleDown Under with John Waters he’s a really big star in Australian and again you know I was surrounded by really big know star actors in Australia to shoot Red Christmas, they were just incredible professionals to work with.

G.S Before Red Christmas have you ever worked with director Craig Anderson before?

Dee I have not and I just love him and I told him, Craig, you know you call me anytime, anywhere I’ll be there.

G.S What about the other actors in the film, have you ever worked with any of them before?

Dee I have not, these are all new people and we literally had a day to get to know each other and boom! We were off. But you know professionals are used to doing that, where you’re used to getting a script, walking in, saying your lines, saying hi and let’s go. You know all these people they were just great to work with and just real professionals, I just had a ball creating with them.

G.S Watching the film I would almost be sure that you probably knew each other just from the chemistry and the great acting, everyone did such an excellent job in this film.

Dee Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

G.S To be honest with you, I wish there was more of these Christmas Horror films, I mean getting into the Christmas spirit and all its nice but then again to a horror fan you want to pop in a scary or horror film that has to do with that Holiday.

Dee Yes, I can’t tell you how many people say that to me, so I’m happy that this is being received by the press as well as it is and that everyone is getting it out because if you have a successful one, you’ll have more of them.

G.S I know you said you enjoyed filming the movie, but at any point was there something you had trouble dealing with or something that you probably had to think twice before doing it?

Dee Well I think the greatest challenge was the physicality and getting there because I get into the parts I play and I actually took it more into the physical place than they were going to go, Craig was kind of surprised but I felt like it really served the film to do that, as far as the story point no. The hardest thing for me was that it got pretty cold in the middle of the night and we had a lot of night shoots and we are all running around in those summer dresses and it gets pretty damn cold there. That and the spiders, those where the hardest things for me to deal with. But the script, I loved the script I didn’t have any problems with it. Like every movie, you get there and you go, Oh, we got try this and we got to change that and we just all worked together and got the best shots. We got a truly amazing film for the time and money that we had to put in on.

G.S I really enjoyed the whole “Ghost of Christmas” past feeling to it with the black cloak and he arrives during Christmas festivities, I just wish they had just a bit more face time of the “creature” the little time that we got to see him, I thought wow, that was very creative.

Dee I agree with you, and I think its kind of the same concept as you didn’t see the shark until the end of Jaws and I’m sure it was more of a question of money and how much you can show that how he could talk under all of that, there’s all kind or ramifications to how much you can use a prosthetic and make it look buyable and real. So I think that was a creative twist to it.

G.S Red Christmas, does this film compare to any of your other 100 plus films that you have done before?

Dee Well like I said the character, it certainly has seasonings of the mom in Cujo, which was what attracted me to her, you know a mother defending her family and the huge emotional arch that I get to play with which I really loved. I was doing my children series and I really needed a challenge and this came along, I loved the script and loved the character and that was it.

G.S Do you have anything else cooking up for us? Or what can we expect for next year?

Dee Oh yeah I got a lot of stuff I got three films coming out AylaOuija House and Death House which a lot of people have already heard about for over a year is coming out through Regal Cinema in January.

G.S Great! So we have Red Christmas for the holidays and then Death House in January, I will be looking forward to that.

Dee Yes, thank you.

G.S Well Dee, I want to thank you again, such an honor and thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate it.

Dee You bet Gloria and thank you so appreciative of your coverage for this really great film.

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