Review: Flore Eats With The BRAIN EATERS

Humans, we are to clever, aren´t we? What if I tell you that long before our existence on earth there were some kind of parasites capable of subsist without arms, without legs, without speaking, without Facebook, without cellphone, that sounds impossible, right? But you have to believe me because it´s all true.

An over-voice narrates the story, a couple arrives home to find out many dead dogs without any visible wound or sign of violence, when they, in shock, find an indestructible cone in the middle of nowhere, when the news start spreading people are completely sure it came from outer space, but soon they find out it comes from below actually. The cone isn´t empty, it brings life with it, primitive life, but as primitive as they look, these creatures are more than simply insignificant bloodsucking parasites, they are BRAIN EATERS, they find a host and they take control, and once it´s done, there is no turning back.

Once these mind controllers find a body to live in, you are no longer human, they can make you kill, fight, attack, or kill yourself as they feel like, and the twisted part is that no-one notices this, until it´s too late, and you are probably already pulling the trigger.

In this movie, parasites are not picking people randomly, they want to destroy and control the scum human race have become, and they start possessing doctors, investigators, police officers, and every authority living in Riverdale, Illinois. While this is happening, no-one is aware of the magnitude of these events, they are totally wasting their time wondering where did the weird artifact come from.

Drama really starts when a man who has been missing, Mayor Cameron, comes back and starts acting out of his mind, when he gets shot and dies after a rage attack doctors perform a post mortem examination and they see clearly that Mayor Cameron wasn´t acting of his own free will, he was completely out of his mind and a parasite was attached to the back of his neck, destroying his cellules and nerves.

It can sound like the director Bruno VeSota and producer Ed Nelson created a total fantasy for us, but the truth is that a long time ago scientists found mind controlling parasites, who actually live inside insects, they eat them up from the inside, they can make crickets commit suicide, they can make spiders knit webs at their will, they can live inside roaches and use them as a nest for their larvae, they make their hosts act like zombies, I have a perfect example for this, there are some parasites that live inside fish… but what they really like is living inside birds, so how these guys get into birds´ guts? Well… simple, they control fish’s brain and make them jump and act aggressive calling the attention of birds, as simple as that, the birds eat the fish, the bird swallows the parasite, and the cycle starts all over.

After Mayor´s death, others keep falling like flies, acting completely irrational, in one scene a man is lying on the road and make the sheriff stop to give him help, but hold on! Because it´s a trap, now Sherriff is possessed too, parasites are spreading all around the town, filling the city with zombies, not able to control their acts, and they will take control of the whole world if authorities don´t do something quickly, and here is when a new kamikaze hero is about to be born.

“Brains for dinner, Brains for lunch, Brains for breakfast, Brains for brunch, Brains at every single meal, why can’t we have some guts”, Brain eaters is also a Misfits song with a sticky lyric and melody, as Glenn Danzig complains about the menu, and what to say about the video? it just puts you in a good mood when you watch it, and makes you want to rise your beer and hold your friends singing out loud, these guys enjoying a blood feast, eating guts with their own hands, skeleton gloves and painted faces, classic devilock hairdo, finishing with the cook covered in blood and his face right inside the dish. Sounds like a perfect birthday party, or why not Halloween party.


Back to our movie, The brain eaters is a 1958 film, Bruno VeSota directed also “The attack of the giant leeches”, “The wasp woman”, and the black comedy “A bucket of blood”, among others, now don´t you expect to see actually BRAIN EATERS in this film, but the title is pretty catchy, and the movie won´t disappoint you, if you are one of those classic films lovers, you can´t miss it, and I certainly recommend you to watch it!

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