Review: BUCKOUT ROAD Is A Destination Worth Heading To

The roads least traveled are done so for a reason. Maybe it’s forgotten, or out of the way or sometimes it’s a road with too much darkness attached to it. BUCKOUT ROAD is a place that has all of that and more. Based on real urban legends, the feature debut from Matthew Currie Holmes is a frighteningly real look at what can happen when you take the road less traveled and lose yourself in the darkness.

Aaron Powell (Evan Ross) is returning home to his grandfather, Lawrence Powell, a local psychiatrist in Westchester County, New York. Dr. Powell has been dealing with twin brothers who woke on Buckout Road after a murder.There are lots of urban legends there and people have died exploring them. Aaron is less than impressed by the whole thing. That is, until Cleo (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) comes into the picture. Cleo is a patient of Dr. Powell, who has been helping her deal with some issues. Her father, Detective Harris (Henry Czerny), is a hard ass who seems to want EVERYONE to stay away from his daughter, even though he doesn’t seem invested himself. All this changes when the deaths start.

BUCKOUT ROAD is a mystery at its heart. One by one, it sucks people in as we learn one horrific story after another. Many of the urban legends associated with the real road make an appearance. Albino cannibals,  the witches burned and the woman with the lantern are a few that will leave you with nightmares. As the story unfolds, Writer/Director Currie Holmes uses classic film techniques that set the film apart from others in the genre. No cheap jump scares here, but lingering images that will stay with you long after the movie is over.

There are lots of Urban Legend films out there, but few warrant additional thought. BUCKOUT ROAD is a masterful debut, filled with the kind of monsters that haunt our history. If you have the chance, I recommend that you take the road less traveled. Take a trip down BUCKOUT ROAD.

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