#Shriekfest Review: The Basement (2017)

Someone is always watching and someone always knows. Maybe thanks to our over overexposure to  social media, but our secrets are always stored in the digital realm to be found. There can always be consequences and that is the thing we don’t think about…until it takes hold of us. That is the underlying theme of THE BASEMENT.

Craig Owen (Cayleb Long) is a famous singer/guitarist with a beautiful wife and a beautiful life. One evening, while out picking up some wine for his wife Kelly (Mischa Barton), we learn that his life isn’t so perfect, Craig is having an affair with a girl named Bianca (Bailey Anne Borders). Deleting her texts, he heads out to his car only to be abducted by a local serial killer known as Gemini. What follows is a bizarre psychological torture game where Gemini enacts is life, capture and eventual death by playing all the roles. His abductee forced to portray him. And while Kelly waits at home with her best friend, frantically trying to reach him, Gemini’s psychological game quickly turns violent.

THE BASEMENT is at it’s heart a two person play and what a play it is. Jackson Davis as The Gemini Killer is a tour de force. Each time he enters the basement he is a different character and as the pieces of his life are laid out, his performance constantly ramps up to match it. But just because THE BASEMENT is a showcase for Davis and Long’s acting talents doesn’t mean that it is devoid of gore. There are a few unforgettable scenes that will “burn” themselves into your brain. Let’s just say that. Also there is a great reveal that forces you to look back at the film with a different perspective.

THE BASEMENT is a solid thriller that will suck you into the dark twisted mind of The Gemini Killer. And once you are there, much like most of his victims, you may not get out alive.

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