Review: THE FORLORNED By Baron Craze

I had the opportunity to view a new film from Midnight Releasing entitled The Forlorned (2017) by director and writer Andrew Wiest, whose movie actually adapted from Angela Townsend’s novel of the same name from Crimson Tree Publishing in 2015. However, there’s great concern over the movie, as the screener shows the title as “Forlormed” misspelled with a letter ‘m’ and its over 5-months like that, I know I cannot be the only critic to witness this issue, so it makes me feel no one actually cares. As it’s the Halloween season, many fans of the genre seek new horrors to enjoy, especially haunted theme creations, which don’t feature the physical gumby movements, just something a tad old fashioned.

The movie seems to combine other horror films, notably The Fog (1980), Evilspeak (1981) with regard to a series of hogs, and even Ghost Ship (2002) in connection food with maggots. So what is the excessive CGI storyline, a caretaker Tom (Colton Christensen) works at a lighthouse (haunted of course) contains voices, 18th century ghosts, other supernatural elements, but the budget hurts the story as it never gets off a sluggish start, especially with the actors never providing the correct emotions to situations.

Wiest lets the great location go to waste, keeping the haunt inside the main building and adding a ridiculous shadow puppet of a demonic hog snarling and squealing on the wall. (No kidding!) Then trying to summon some sort of The Shining (1980) atmosphere with isolationism, however Tom, never is really alone, as he’s constantly visiting a neighborhood bar Murphy’s and hanging out with a character named Tough. Then mix in Amy (Elizabeth Mouton), an interesting and curious character to a fairly tame spooky story and (spoiler) Tom’s possession (yawn), scary face and some blood never works with the modern audience, followed by a priest wanting to cast out the unclean spirit. A very low-budgeted haunted tale, with mediocre delivery.

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