October is here! Are you an adrenaline junky that lives for horror and thrills? Do you celebrate the whole month of October by doing zombie runs or haunted house mazes? I’ve done a few myself and the experiences are unforgettable, fortunately enough I’m happy I never had a bad experience like Brandy from “The Houses October Built 2”

Brandy, who is recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped by the Blue Skeleton a year ago during her “extreme haunt” adventures is basically forced to take part in a promotional tour of the Fear Houses in “The Houses October Built 2”. None of her companions are concerned about the emotional condition of Brandy because money from entrepreneurs is more important than solidarity. Brandy is also knows as “Coffin Girl” while she was kidnaped, she was put in a coffin, she was being filmed and some how the footage was uploaded online for millions to see. Her bad experience got her negative fame and she’s trying to recover from all of that.

The Halloween celebrations are rich, in one scene we look at the interiors of the House of Fear of Erotic, where dirty sex and wild violence are two mutually attracting poles. The most interesting place on the map for Brandy and her companions turns out to be dominated by living corpses “Post-apocalyptic town”. It is a huge complex, on the surface of which are ruined buildings, an underground railway station and even areas flooded with water. Heroes are characterized by zombies, and through the town obstacle course must pass as soon as possible to reach the finish line. Along the way they compete with other “dead” marathons. Sounds absurd and horrible at the same time, right? But its not, it works perfectly with the idea that writers Zack Andrews and Bobby Roe try to portray.

“The Houses October Built 2” is a film full of curiosity and wonder. Imagine, going cross-country with your buddies in the month of October and doing nothing but participating in the most extreme haunted house mazes or asylums or abandoned prisons, sounds like a dream to me. On of the more slower scenes of the film is where we have to watch the hot dog eating competition, where the participants absorb a huge amount of hot dogs and then vomit them. Very graphic, scene but I couldn’t look away.

This film was undoubtedly enjoyable, It got me pumped and ready to do some “extreme haunt” mazes!


Brandy Schaefer – Brandy

Zack Andrews – Zack

Mikey Roe – Mikey

Bobby Roe – Bobby

Jeff Larson – Jeff

-Gloria Skulls

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