Flore Looks Back At ASTRO ZOMBIES

Prime directive:  EXTERMINATE!

Our movie is a 1968 classic, and can be labeled next to “Plan 9 from outer space” as one of the worst films ever made. This only makes us want to watch it even more, because, what sounds bad for some “critics” sounds just perfect and excellent for others, like me and you!

It starts with a hot babe riding a convertible, she arrives home after a pleasent trip and gets murdered by a strange character, a mess between a zombie, an alien and a skeleton,  and then we understand that murder is not something new in the neighborhood, CIA agents are working on this subject,  for an entire month, and still no clue about where they hide.

Evil plans everywhere, a mad man known as Doctor Demarco is behind the killings, using his master mind to create Super men, calling them in fact “Astro men”, these creatures are capable of anything and the best part of it is that they obey orders, no questioning why, how, or who? They just go straight ahead for the objective and nothing can stop them, and they won´t die so easily.

Doctor Demarco and his hunchback and greasy assistant are working to create these undead creatures by stealing body parts and using them on their behalf, we can see a young woman tied on a strapped table, so it makes me think they are also working on an Astro-zombie-hot-girlfriend for our deformed and lonely friend.  One thing they don´t have clue about is that a network of spies is following every step they give, the leader of this spy gang is the gorgeous, stunning and deadly Tura Satana, again in a roll that fits her perfectly as a sexy villain, smoking hot and smoking cigarettes non-stopping, in one hand a gun in the other a cigar, and her eyes so perfectly outlined, her black raven hair, means nothing but trouble to whoever wants to ruin her plans of having an Astro zombies army.

They are running against the clock, Doc Demarco is trying to create more and more marvelous indestructible creatures, the spies are trying to hijack the astro zombies and take all information they can about Doctor´s plan, and the CIA well… the good guys, doing things that good guys know, like protecting and trying to save the world from a major disaster.

Glenn Danzig and the Misfits, created a perfect Astro zombies anthem in 1982, putting himself in the flesh of the mad doctor or greedy Tura… we don´t know that, but sounds just like a perfect plan, when you hear the song and pay attention to the lyrics, you can imagine the whole thing without even watching the movie, for sure I knew the song before watching the movie.  Most of Glenn´s lyrics are a perfect hook to make fans get interested on classic films And The Misfits they just spread horror everywhere.    “With just a touch of my burning hand, I send my astro zombies to rape the land, Prime directive, exterminate The whole human race. And your face drops in a pile of flesh, And then your heart, heart pounds Till it pumps in death Prime directive, exterminate Whatever stands left”.

During these 93 minutes the movie lasts we have, bar scenes, gun fight scenes and lab scenes, if you have a fascination with big boobed 60´s ladies, trust me you will adore this movie, among one of my favorite scenes is when Tura burns a CIA agent´s face with a cigar, with unshakable determination, she just pronounces the words “kill him”, and when she sees no action after like 6 seconds she does it on her own, and lady got guts, she doesn´t shoot one time, she shoots 4 or 5, again reminds us of her roll in Faster pussycat, kill! Kill!, movie that was directed by the beloved genius Russ Meyers.

So… lock the door and prepare yourselves to see these classic and watch the undead creatures rape the land, enjoy!



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