Gloria Chills With COLD MOON

Are you ready for October? Do you have all your favorite scary, horror and slashers movies lined up and ready to go? Well get ready! and add this horror-thriller to your list, Cold Moon from Uncork’d Entertainment. Cold Moon is a 2016 drama-horror film starring Josh Stewart (“Shooter”, The Dark Knight Rises), Christopher Lloyd (the Back to the Future series), Robbie Kay (“Once Upon a Time”, Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides), Candy Clark (“Twin Peaks”, Zodiac), Rachele Brooke Smith (Center Stage : On Pointe, The Nice Guys) and Frank Whaley (“Luke Cage”, The Doors), Cold Moon is based on the novel Cold Moon Over Babylon by the late Michael McDowell, author Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Its 1989 in Babylon, Florida and the film starts in the Larkins BlueBerry farm which is also their home. Jerry is a young man that mans the BlueBerry farm, he lives with his sister Margaret and grandma Larkin. About six minutes into the film young Margaret is murdered by and unknown masked man. He starts by scaring her off the road but she continues to makes her way back home. Once again she encounters him on the bridge that crosses her path to reach the farm, he nocks her off her bike and he spots a car coming their way, he throws Margaret and her bike over to the river.

The masked murder jumps in to the river to not get noticed and he finishes Margaret off by drowning her. Once grandma Larkin learns that Margaret never made it back home she becomes worried and frantic about her disappearance, so she pays the sheriff a visit to alert him about Margaret gone missing. About 20 minutes into the film we find out who the murder is by some sort of dream or vision that grandma Larkin has. After that the story changes and it focuses on the murder and his story, which it was a bit odd to just change the story giving us a main new character. But don’t worry, the Larking’s will have their revenge! I guarantee you will not see it coming.

Story is supposed to be set in the 80’s but in my opinion there really wasn’t much feel of the 80’s but it was still enjoyable. I did like the fact that they used a sort of Beetlejuice-esque snake creature in one of the scenes, I had to press rewind thinking to my self “What the heck did i just see?”. This film is about and hour and half and I sure enjoyed every minute! mystery, murders, snake like creatures and ghost. What more could you want in a film? So make sure to add Cold Moon to your watch list.

-Gloria Skulls

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