Adeline Says “3” Is Company!

Psyche films always intrigue me and 3 was no different as it twists, turns, and twists again. Aniela McGuinness evokes nothing but empathy as “She” and has worked with Lou Simon in other films. Mike Stanley as “It” had me angry and sympathizing then angry again as the plot wrenched its way around the mountain. Todd Bruno as “He” was an effective choice in casting because he allows himself to unhinge. While these main characters peel at each other, we learn the true events surrounding a party in which a rape occurred. She and He attempt to get It to confess to a rape, but It vehemently denies such cruelty – and convincingly so to the point where She and He start questioning the events of that painful night. It’s commentary on mental health and justice is central to its plot axis and it does not topple.

Writer and director, Lou Simon, makes a solid and impressive psyche mystery film with “3” as it departs from her well known horror repertoire such as Hazmat and Agoraphobia. Todd Bruno shares producer credits with Lou Simon and Alan Hanna in this brilliantly developed film.

The scene where our kidnapped victim/accused almost escapes and all characters tip toe around the house, which kept me on the edge of my chair the whole time. Lawdy! This film is a trip.

While there is plenty of torture, it’s not greedy as there are plenty of cool gorey effects. Thank you, Darla Wigley, for keeping the gore as real as possible.

CULPRITS:  The interplay between It and He is hands down the most tenuous, and works because of their ability to respect each other’s emotional spaces. If I HAD to choose…Stanley is more believable.

DIALOGUE:  No cool one liners of note. The dialogue is bare and honest and simple. There is nothing fluffy or egotistical or righteous. The writing would read on the page like as if a reporter were recounting it. Simon says more with less in 3.

I watched this one multiple times because I swore up and down I was going to find some continuity error or some inkling of who-dun-it way prior to Simon’s actual reveal! But the truth is this piece is air tight and I honestly loved it!

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