Gloria Parties With Clowntergeist

Clowntergeist is a 2016 American horror film written, co-produced, edited and directed by Aaron Mirtes (Bring Them Home), based on a story by Brad Belemjian. It stars Brittany Belland (The Sleeper), Monica Baker, Burt Culver (Bastard) and Eric Corbin (House of Darkness).

Seems to me that clowns are in season. Warning if you are afraid of clowns, do not attempt to watch this film. Its twisted, creepy, thrilling and there is a demonic clown on the loose! Emma (Brittany Belland), a college student with a coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is soon to be put to the test when a demonic entity manifests itself in form of a clown and terrorizes her home town. An eye catcher on this film are red balloons written on with blood that are left behind along with a body count. As soon as the movie starts, the countdown begins! The balloons are like a warning that tells the victims the exact date and time the demonic title fiend will attack. In this film Emma seems to be the main target of this demonic killer clown. Along the way he take anyone in the way. I didn’t quite figure out why is this clown so angry at poor Emma. What did she do to deserve this? Will she make it ou alive to tell the story? I’m not spoiling anything for you, you will just have to watch for yourself. Nonetheless this film was entertaining and a delight for my eyes.

Director Aaron Mirtes does an outstanding job on this film. The effects are good, the gore can actually get a bit disgusting at times and lots of blood! The colors visuals are to die for, the cotton candy pinks and reds, and the circus tent blues fit perfectly with this film giving you that circus clown vibe. Perfect movie for the Halloween season arriving soon upon us, this film will be out September 12th in USA.

-Gloria Skulls

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