The Domicile – beware of what lurks in the shadows

A pregnant wife, her playwright husband, and her mentally ill sister all live relatively peacefully, despite obvious tension between husband and wife, in a gloomy house that appears to be cavernous. The Domicile is set in and around this house for the entire movie, which helps convey a dark, almost claustrophobic, atmosphere. Estella (Katherine Flannery) suddenly falls down the stairs one day and, sadly, dies along with her unborn child.

One year later, Russell (Steve Richard Harris) is still grieving and distraught. He is desperately trying to write in order to fulfill his contract but he is unable to because he is grieving too deeply. He is also trying his best to continue caring for his sister-in-law but she has become increasing difficult to manage. The situation is so bad that even the home nurse that assists with her is on the verge of quitting. His friend and co-writer David (Demetrius Stear) does his best to try to encourage Russell to start writing again. He also suggests that Russell visit his former mistress Lucy (Sara Malakul Lane) to help him start moving forward again. Russell is at his wit’s end, drinking heavily at night, when he starts seeing things in the house. Because of his drinking and the darkness in the house, he’s not sure if he’s seeing things for real or if they are due to his intoxication. Unfortunately for him, there is something in the shadows… his dead wife and she’s not happy.

Samantha, played by Amanda Ruth Ritchie, was especially chilling as Estella’s sister. She alternates between gleefully taunting Russell with sinister threats and screaming with fear. We see her creepily crawling along the floor a few times, pulling herself with her hands, which is goose bump inducing!

The Domicile is an interesting take on the supernatural horror genre. We’re seeing the aftermath of a tragedy and the consequences of illicit behavior during a marriage. Bottom line: don’t underestimate your wife even when she’s dead. If you’re a fan of slow burn movies, check out The Domicile for some supernatural gloom and doom.


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