Premiere: The Ice Cream Truck

Writer, director, and producer, Megan Freels Johnston, delivers an old school horror flick with a suspenseful pace and tripped out ending in The Ice Cream Truck. Shot in 15 days, you will not want to miss it. This 70s and 80s style film with its well conceived plot and thoroughly engaging cast is going down as a classic! Catch it this week at Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre, sneak a peek-a-boo before everyone else. Go. Now.

Mary moves back to the suburbs and while she awaits the arrival of the rest of her family over the next few days, some interesting things unfold. Enter Ice Cream Man, with his 1950s ice cream truck set against 1980s Americana, killing undesireables. Add peculiar neighbors and the result is a reimagined horror style that tugs at our nostalgic hearts. There is not a single boring moment or unthreaded scene in The Ice Cream Truck.

The ending is a twist for which Megan Freels Johnston deliberately unfurls sparingly and rightfully so. Pay close attention because you may need to watch it twice!

The premiere was held in the right location with the old school Ahrya Theatre with its red seats and red and gold draperies. Its one screen theatre was snuggled in Beverly Hills amongst new construction banks, condos, and high rise buildings.

After the cast and crew did a Q&A after the movie. Megan Freels Johnston was happy to share process and behind the scenes details such as from idea to movie wrap up, it took less than a year. Johnston also revealed the incredible shooting schedule of 15 hours a day for 15 days. The fluid and talented cast included Deanna Russo (as Mary), John Redlinger (as Max), and Emil Johnsen (as The Ice Cream Man). Redlinger revealed he only came on board halfway through the shoot, which is tremendous with what he splashes across the screen. Russo’s natural ability was easily translated to screen, who stated she immediately was hooked on the project after reading the script and Johnston added that friends  of friends and “serendipity” did the rest to get the project completed in its astounding speed.

The cast were excited and supportive of the project and Johnston’s love of the project was easily felt and filled within the Ahrya. Brava!

Photos and Q & A courtesy of Ryan T. Cusick


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