Review: Flore Visits THE CRIMSON GHOST (1946)

“Masks… as they try to conceal, they are in fact revealing”.


WARNING! THIS IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE, but we all need to watch it, The crimson ghost, remember his face?, I am sure you do, because it´s as iconic as Marilyn Moroe’s face, has been reproduced thousand of times and you can find it in shirts, mugs, blankets, shower courtains, underwear, and what about tattoos?  I´ve got it printed on my skin and it will remain there forever. Do you figure why? Because of The Misfits, Glenn Danzig started using the skull as a logo for the band a long long time ago, on their 3rd album “Horror Business”, we can see the Crimson Ghost in a classic arms crossed over chest buried position, each time you see the skeleton´s face you are probably thinking “Right, The Misfits’ skull!”.

Back to our movie then, it was released in 1946, directed by Fred C. Brannon and William Witney, and it´s a serial film with 12 chapters, our villain is known as The crimson Ghost, but he is not a ghost although, his name is pretty accurate. He moves like one, he comes and goes in his skeleton mask and no one notices him, no one can catch him, he is mysterious and deadly, with a malicious mind, and his thirst to conquer is unstoppable.

This sneaky criminal is surrounded by men dressed in suits who work for him and protect his identity, he has in his power an atomic machine called “The Cyclotrode X”, and his evil plan is to build a more powerful machine to create chaos and destruction everywhere.

Something I have to mention is that in 1945 WW2 ended, and by that time the atomic bomb had already been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so Republic films, took advantage of this events to create this serial film as the world was in terrible shock, and it was a brand-new subject of interest for everyone… SORRY IF I AM BORING YOU, THIS IS HISTORY AND YOU NEED TO LEARN!

Gun fights, good guys against bad guys in body to body confrontations that look like a perfectly cinchonized choreography, car persecutions, atomic and chemical weapons, a wicked master mind hiding behind the most iconic skeleton face of all times, ready to shot, kill, paralyze and control everyone on his way.

Each chapter lasts 15 minutes, and ends in a way you want to watch the next one, with names such as “The laughing skull”, “The trap that failed” and “the slave collar”, this serial film is a black and white classic that I recommend you to watch, if you don´t want to die of intrigue!

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