Review: Circus Kane (2017)

Magic is sacrifice

Circus Kane (2017) is a American horror film co-produced and directed by Christopher Ray (Shark Week; Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; 2-Headed Shark Attack) from a screenplay by James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer; Pernicious; Blood Lake) and Zack Ward (The Terror; Bethany; Restoration), based on a story by Sean Sellars.

Have you ever been invited to a “exclusive” party with maybe 5 or 10 people. And when you get there you find that you have nothing in common except for, well maybe just that you got invited. Then you start to wonder how do you even relate to any of these strangers, maybe the person that invited you sees something that you all share in common that you don’t see. Well your lucky if you get invited to Circus Kane, if you make it through the night in his house of horrors you might just win a money price!

Balthazar Kane invites a few lucky individuals  to the revival of his Circus Kane by promising them a chance to win a price of $250k dollars if they make it through the night. Soon those luckily individuals are not feeling so lucky after they learn that there is more on the line than just fun and games. Now it can’t be a circus without clowns, so if your afraid of clowns I would suggest to maybe rethink about watching this film (just a heads up). One thing all these individuals share in common is social media fame, that’s about it, there is a geeky gamer, a scream queen (trying to make it in Hollywood), a punk-rock chick, a collection hoarder, just to name a few. Who will survive and make it out alive to tell the story?

Balthazar Kane was probably my favorite character, hes a trickster an illusion master. Totally deviates you from the truth. He seeks the spotlight and does a great job keeping you entertained. His sadistic mind puts together this house full of twist and turns with lots of blood, disturbing games and riddles, oh yes! and scary clowns thirsty for blood! This “Jig-Saw” type of movie definitely had me biting my nails, the ending is unexpected but totally satisfying. Worth watching!

-Gloria Skulls

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