Event Review: A Weekend at ScareLA 2017

A costume filled weekend at LACC kept these eyes zip-lining across the room all day. Tons of creativity was packed into the venue from  conceptual artists to film makers, booths were busy, busy, busy! Shoulda brought my anxiety meds because apparently, I’m an easy scare target. But I’ll be back with reinforcements in 2018, you rat bastards!

I saw families, costumed couples, and single creepers. It was a chill event with no drama.

The LA Convention staff were not always helpful because several were unaware of simple answers to questions and repeatedly told me to look in that blasted program booklet. That annoyance aside, programs ran smoothly and performances were imperfect but part of the raucous is making the best of a situation. I still loved the discussions and lectures! However, I did feel yearning for more interview opportunities as there were only 3 of which I was notified on Saturday and none of which I was notified on Sunday. The premises was clean, organized.

I would definitely go next year! My prizes included counter culture clothes, erotic paintings, prints of black cats and pumpkins, an original Halloween comic, and so much more.


LACC had three floors, but only the second floor was utilized for the event. A café was located to the left. Restrooms, ticket lines, and one lecture room were on the right. Through the wall of a thousand doors was th world of All Hallows Eve.

The main floor had various sized booths and really wide aisles. There was a neato massive pumpkin dead center for photo ops (I don’t usually go for stuff like that but plenty o people did).


It was hyper and interesting  on the main floor, but the part which made me truly wring my bony knuckles was the interactive area where the haunted Vernado Circus, Spookywood stage graced performances for a couple Rocky Horror songs, and the Decayed Brigade in peak form. Out of over 245 vendors, some of my faves were: Black Willow Gallery where I bought my Bruja tank top, artist Bob Lizarraga, artist Lux Nova Studio where I bought two killer sexxxy prints, and husband and wife team which produced Mister Jinx’s Halloween Hootenany comic (I know, right!), and Gray Oddities where creepy dolls abound.

The fog machine in the middle of everything was a bit much because my eyes kept getting itchy.

The booze was too far out of reach, too! I had to hike 11 miles and passed the single standing two-by-three bar three times before I accidentally found the damned thing.


Use the fog machine sparingly. Bring the beer front and center, for my sake. I only wish I had time to attend some of the films and clone myself to attend all lecture events. I did have the opportunity to see most of  what this event had to offer. Other than these easy fixes, it was a pretty killer event!

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