Review: Gloria Enjoys BONEJANGLES

I’ve said it before, don’t mess with a voodoo priestess!

Bonejangles is the son of a voodoo priestess, making him immortal! no matter how hard you try, or how many different ways you try to kill him, he just doesn’t die! the story line to this slasher film is a bit confusing, there’s the infamous Bonejangles but there is also zombies, and an evil succubus! I felt a bit disoriented at times but in the end it all wraps ups up together. No, I’m not going to spoil the movie for you, I want you to see for yourself and maybe you can figure out the end, who will win, the zombies? Bonejangles? or Rowena the succubus?

Bonjagles is a infamous serial killer and hes on the loose, when hes finally captured he will be transported to an asylum in a far away town. Its is the duty of two dumb witted officers (Kelly Misek Jr., Jamie Scott Gordon) along with two other officers (a female and a male) to make sure Bonejangles gets to his destination. Along the way the run into some real trouble! They end up in a car crash because of heavy fog that appears to have came out of no where. That’s when they realize that they have just landed in the town of Argento. Which also happens to be one of the officers home town where his old high school flame still resides in, and seeing her scares him more than the crazy zombies or Bonjagles. Talk about high school drama!

The plot of the story is bit lost towards the end of the movie because well they introduce the succubus Rowena (Elissa Dowling). They tell her story and believe it or not she a very important role in the film. This low budget slasher/comedy is in a sense fun, it’s a bit over the top and very bloody! It’s a cheesy film for sure but hey who doesn’t love cheesy horror? It has tasteful nudity and did I mention blood!!!

-Gloria Skulls

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