#Fantasia 68 KILL Exactly What We Need In Film!

68 Kill is the kind of exploitation tour de force that has been missing from cinemas for quite some time. There has been a lot of throw back films in the past few years but few feel like modern exploitation. 68 KILL fixes that problem with a raw and unashamed venture into tasteless genius!

68 KILL centers on Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) and his relationship with Liza (AnnaLynne McCord) in a small trashy town. Chip is, for lack of a better term, a spineless worm who lives and breathes for one reason, to please Liza. Though it may sound sweet, it’s not, it’s sickening. Liza is a whore who regularly has sex with her landlord to pay the rent. Chip does things because he is weak, and co-dependent. So when Liza decides to steal $68,000 from her landlord, Chip goes along with it out of weakness. The problem is that Liza is crazy and what starts out as a heist, quickly escalates into a murder / kidnapping. The kidnapped is a saucy little number named Violet (Alisha Boe), who finds herself at the house during the murder. This turns out to be a new complication because Chip is a sucker. He knocks out Liza, saves Violet, and hits the road with the $68,000. Do you think it will be easy from here on out?

68 KILL never stops once it starts. Chip’s road takes pits him up against sex crazed white trash, Gothic shotgun toting psychos, incest prone slashers and drug addicted weirdos. The film has a message and it is an important one. It is a wake up call to the current P.C. generation. Women are in charge in this film but many would argue that they are shameful portrayals. The men are nice guys who just want their women to be happy and at the same time are viewed as less than men.

There is a double standard in our society and this film exploits it. It raises a mirror to the current society and its views on empowerment and sensitivity and reveals that there is a hypocrisy lying deep underneath. When you strip away the fancy words and pretty idealize thoughts of men and women in this new idealized society, it paints a very grungy picture that isn’t pretty to look at or accept. It may not be the only outcome but it is very possible and that makes certain people ashamed.

68 KILL is exactly what we need in film right now. A reminder that entertainment should sometimes just be entertainment. That it is okay to be sexy and tough and do bad things. That not every movie has to be “elevated”. Sometimes trash is just trash and bad people are just bad people. But its most important message seems to be aimed right back at society…its okay not to be the lowlife with a heart of gold.

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