If you are a fan of ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK, both the woman and the movie, then you probably ordered the Limited Edition Bluraythat has been in the works for several months. Well, after a couple of delays, I regret to inform you that it has been cancelled. It was to be limited to 3000 copies and had a ton of all new special features. Read on for the details…

From Cinespectral Films: “Dear Customers,

We have to apologise for the recent silence. Unfortunately we have to confirm that the release of ELVIRA, MOTD and HELL COMES TO FROGTOWNWe on Blu-ray for now is being put on hold. We were forced to face another delay which would have put the release into mid September. Which obviously would have been outside of the purchase protection period for all customers of the first two weeks of pre-order. The general management decided that ALL customers will get their money refunded within the next 7 business days. Once that will be completed we will cease all activities. However, rumours that the company went into administration are entirely made up.

Please note that we will work down the list of transactions in sequence of orders (starting with orders from 7th of March). PayPal complaints will be handled besides that, so delays on such refunds might appear.

Few customers sent us “payment-requests” for the total amount of their orders. We will decline such requests. We are working down all refunds / complaints like written above. Every transaction has to be handled manually to be refunded. We apologize, but this might take some time.

We are aware of technical PayPal issues which are connected with come 11th of August date, however that is in no connection to our account. Complaints/Refunds are already handled right now.

For the customers who asked if the contents of our set might resurface on another release, there is a good chance right now that another German company will release the set in the way it was planned.

Cinespectral Films”

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