Addy’s Mission to Midsummer Scream 2017

A day of firsts: my first Midsummer Scream event and my first convention experience, ever, after celebrating my first year in California. I got dolled in my pumpkin-cinnamon dress, long curly hair trailing behind me, and purple lipztik – just cuz. This event was packed with something to do or see at all times. It was exactly what I expected in terms of attendance, vendors, food, drinks, classes, lectures, seminars, and all things cool and spooky!

The people who attended were fun and quirky and did not take themselves seriously by any means. Every one had some cool outfit or costume whether a notable horror figure like Freddy Kruger or a homeslice version like the Zombie Businessman. As much as I might love them, the creepy colored contact lenses trip me out every time! There was no pushing or shoving. There were no drunken idiots. This was a chill crowd having a great time!

The Long Beach Convention staff were helpful and everything ran smoothly. The Center was bright (unfortunately) and spacey. The bathrooms were (gratefully) clean.

You get a lot for a day’s admission and I would definitely go next year! I walked out with a gorgeous print of Sally by an artist whose name I can’t read but was 9 months pregnant and had friends tending her booth. xo


The Convention Center had a first floor, balcony floor, and basement. The first floor had an information booth and ticket lines in the center. The left and right wing of the first floor had rooms of seminars and lectures. The right-wing also housed a café and dining area with humongous booths! Plenty of seating littered both wings of the Center. All I saw were swaths of people going from room to room.

The balcony floor did not appear to be in use, but then again, I only got the general admission ticket. I wasn’t special enough to partake in anything on this floor. Therefore, if there was anything ultra frightening going on, I was unaware of it.

The basement floor is where all the skull kicking action was as far as I was concerned. It was abuzz the whole time. This is where the depraved vendors and spook houses, Hall of Shadows, were located. Also on this floor were two adult beverage nooks with liquor, beer, and wine.


Out of 216 vendors, some of my faves were: Fiend Boutique, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Blackcraft, Coven FX, and Screambox. Naturally, the artists applying airbrushed makeup was a main event, too. You’d also be an idiot if you didn’t catch Cassandra Petersen on the first floor. All the participants were fantastic, creepy, mofos with a lot of knowledge and talent.

The Hall of Shadows scared the begeezus outta me with its 12 interactive haunted houses, hallows, manors, cold storage, and the Decayed Brigade mixing it up in between.

Although I don’t have kids, I loved that there was a kids’ interactive center where families could create interesting crafts and face painting. Kept the kids quiet and allowed adults to take a breather.


Zero. This was a dream event. They thought of it all. I only wish I had time to attend some of the films in the Screaming Room and events at Terrace Theater. I only saw a quarter of what this event had to offer. Trick yourself into buying a weekend pass in 2018. I’ll have to see how Scare LA stacks up to Midsummer Scream. There’s a lot to live up to and die for…


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