Review: WTF! – A nod to horror of the past

Night has fallen as the camera skates across the ground giving us an atmosphere and perspective reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. Instead of something evil coming for us, we’re rushing to witness a scantily clad woman, covered in blood, running out of a stone laden house. She yells “what the fuck?!” as she runs away but she doesn’t get very far before a knife flies through the air and lands in her back; effectively silencing her for good. We soon find out that a brutal massacre is underway and meet Rachel, our main character played by Callie Ott, scared and huddled in the dark while this is happening around her. This is a unique introduction since we don’t typically see brutality and its aftermath until we’re farther along in horror movies. In WTF! we’re given this information upfront which gives us valuable insight as we watch the story unfold.

Fast forward three years, we discover that all of Rachel’s friends died that night. She survived but is still deeply traumatized. Spring break is approaching and her friends want to get away to have some fun. They’ve decided to stay in a house in the woods even though Rachel is very reluctant because the massacre she survived, just a few years before, happened in a secluded area. She does her best to control her nerves and agrees to go.

As they stop for gas along the way, an old man running the gas station warns them to cancel their plans because it’s not safe. Horror fans know that locals should never be ignored but they do ignore him and, naturally, blood and gore ensues. What’s coming is not a complete surprise. Fans of slasher movies will likely enjoy WTF!’s throwback feel. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed this genre until the bloody opening scene.

WTF! was written by Adam Buchalter, Christopher Lawrence Centanni, and Peter Herro who also directed. Callie Ott (The Horror), Sarah Agor (Hatchet II, VH1’s “Scream Queens”), Andrea Hunt, Ben Norris, Johnny James Fiore, Nick Reilly, and Adam Foster star. I admit that I was immediately intrigued about WTF! after seeing the promotional poster. A girl wearing glittery purple eye shadow, drinking from a red solo cup, and covered in blood promises that, at the very least, you’ll have a good time. Enjoy!

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