Review: Bad Frank, Baby!

This psychotic suspense thriller is totally worth the three bags of Smart Food white cheddar popcorn I shoved in my face during its 103 minute run! The main character, Frank (Kevin Interdonato), lives a quiet life until his violent side is triggered by an old enemy, Mickey (Tom Sizemore). It’s a straight forward movie about a troubled man trying to be a better man. Doing his best to kick alcoholism, and keep a cool and non-violent head is a work in progress that Interdonato channels effortlessly. Once triggered, Frank unhinges.

Director, Tony Germinario, is adept at pacing and keeps viewers wondering who’s going to out-hurt who. Germinario and Interdonato share writing credit and the dialogue is so acute as to the underpinnings of violence that I couldn’t help but wonder if there was some reality infused into the script.  There is no CGI in this movie. Still, the makeup artistry is realistic with breaks, scars, and bruises. Bad Frank delivers plenty of hurt. It’s a bare bones flick in that respect. Just wait until the freaky ending!! Too bad there wasn’t more of the same sprinkled in a couple other scenes!

CULPRITS:  Everyone in the cast gives strong performances. The stand-out in my opinion was Kevin Interdonato. My heart peeled its skin a layer or two within scenes between him and his father, Charlie (Ray Mancini).

THE HAPS:  Filmed in New Jersey, I loved how this could be any place, USA. There are some beautiful scene shots, particularly at the end that are brilliant.

DIALOGUE:  No stand out lines here. You’re in for a raw experience.

This was just released earlier this month. Check it out on Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon asap! It’s violent and deep and beautiful. Every scene is full of forward movement, strong character development, and heartfelt writing. Germinario did a brilliant job taking viewers on a killer thriller!

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