#Fantasia For a Good Time, Call… Tristan Risk!

A man stealthily hides a camera amongst teddy bears atop a dresser. A woman enters the room, half-dressed, and the two begin to kiss heavily. He is rough with her, though she repeatedly tells him to stop. If these things don’t spell out C-R-E-E-P, then nothing does.

“Alex” (Sean Carmicheal), does little to defend himself when confronted. The woman scorned (Diana Porter) actively hopes against hope that “something awful” happens to him, and I do too. This short horror film leaves little up for interpretation, but is generous in imagination.

Tristan Risk makes a very special appearance in this vengeance-fueled, eleven-minute film, sealing the fate of our leads and giving us an extremely satisfying, if MUCH too short, film. Director Izzy Lee gave “revenge porn” new meaning, and left me wanting more. (Fingers crossed!!!)


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