If you have been following our Cult Epics coverage then you’ve seen how much they have been bringing to horror and exploitation with their regular line and with Reelgore Releasing. Now they have a brand new way to entertain you. Cult Epics are coming to the big screen…

Los Angeles, CA (July XX, 2017)

For 25 years, Cult Epics has distributed the most sought-after, obscure, provocative and previously unknown films to the home video market in North America. The first theatrical releases on 35mm where Viva La Muerte, School of the Holy Beast, Un Chant D’Amour, and In a Glass Cage, which are now distributed thru AGFA, together with DCPs of new releases such as Carl Andersen’s underground films Mondo Weirdo/Vampiros Sexos, Pim de la Parra’s Obsessions, and coming soon: Marco Ferreri’s The Flesh, Giulio Questi’s giallo Death Laid an Egg, along with Cult classics such as Angst, Death Bed: The Bed that Eats, Jorg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, Der Todesking, Schramm, Tinto Brass’ Paprika, and Radley Metzger’s The Lickerish Quartet, Camille 2000, Score, among others.

First line up:

IN A GLASS CAGE (35mm) Qfest (Houston), July 27

VIVA LA MUERTE (35mm) Cinefamily (Los Angeles), Aug 25th

VIVA LA MUERTE (35mm) Metrograph (NYC), Sept (t.b.c.)

ANGST (DCP) Austin Film Society (Austin), Oct 14th

DEATH BED (DCP) Alamo Yonkers (greater NYC area), Oct 25th

DEATH BED (DCP) Ark Lodge Cinema (Seattle), Oct 26th

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For more info and bookings contact AGFA:


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