Review: Gloria Survives KARATE KILL

Karate Kill (2016) to be released July 18th 2017 on Video on Demand and DVD/Blue ray is gory graphic film about a Karate Master Kenji (Hayate) on his journey to look for his missing sister Mayumi (Mana Sakura) who left Japan to follow her dreams of becoming a star in Los Angeles CA.

After a month of not hearing from Mayumi, Kenji decides he will look for her himself and takes off to the great Los Angles. When Kenji arrives at his sisters address he quickly finds out that she hasn’t been staying there, this is when the first fight scene begins. I was wasn’t surprised to see all the bloody, gory,sexual scenes, Japanese are know for making these kind of films and anime, they don’t hold back and we love it!

On the search for Mayumi, Kenji goes to her place of work where once again he finds himself in trouble, now he realizes that finding his sister is going to be a challenge. In this fight scene Kenji rips a guys ear right off, he shows no mercy. After more awesome bloody violence, the owner admits to Kenji that hes sister was taken by  Capital Messiah, a cult that profits of making snuff films in the black market. Capital Messiah cult resides in Texas, that is where Keji’s next battle begins, joined along the way by Keiko (Asami) the only person to escape Capital Messiah alive. Keiko and Kenji join forces to rescue Mayumi from this horrific snuff film making cult.

Writer/Director Kurando Mitsutake also known for films Gun Woman (2014) Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009) and now Karate Kill (2017) Kurando is a creative writer that makes all the elements of this film work attractively to get the attention of us gory thrill seekers. I would compare this film to Grind House and Kill Bill because of it grittiness and the intense fighting scenes. If you want to understand the film your going to have to put on those reading glasses and enjoy some subtitles since this film primary language is Japanese, but none the less Karate Kill is a appreciable film.

-Gloria Skulls

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