The Ice Cream Truck (2017)

Who doesn’t like ice cream with a sprinkle of run for your life!

The Ice Cream Truck (2017) is an instant favorite! This psychological thriller is a perfect combination of suspense, thrills, and of course horror! Writer/producer Megan Freels Johnston really knows how to make yourself second guess whats happening in this film, in other words your getting mind fuck!

A young mother of two Mary (Deanna Russo) moves back to her suburban home town because of her husband job relocation. As she settles back in the neighborhood, she feels uneasy and psyched out by the things she starts to notice. First thing she notices is this strange retro ice cream truck and the clean cut ice cream man (Emil Johnsen). Then she meets nosy neighbor Jessica (Hilary Barraford). Later that day Jessica brings the rest of the neighborhood gals to invite Mary to one of the moms house for her sons graduation.

That’s where Mary meets Max (John Redlinger) this young guy just graduated high school and is going off to college, ah to be young! Mary starts to second guess her life decisions, being a mom at such a young age, now shes starting to feel like she missed out on being youthful and adventurous. But not to worry, soon Max helps her feel like a high school girl all over again. Thru out the movie Mary hears the ice cream truck jingle, she wonders if shes just imagining it or is she really hearing the jingle, day and night, its always there. Maybe shell find out what this ice cream man is up to, or maybe its all in her creative imagination. After all Mary is a writer and sometimes writers can get lost in their own made up world.

Megan Freels Johnston is know for her work as a producer for Rebound (2014) shes also the producer for upcoming films Convention (2018) and Hunting Season (2018). But you might know her better as the grand daughter of the late Elmore Leonard. Elmore Leonard wrote some of the classic crime novels of the twentieth century, he was also a short story writer and a screenwriter. You would say Megan got her talent as writer from grandpa. So enjoy some ice cream while watching The Ice cream Truck, you might change your mind about chasing the ice cream man after watching this thriller.

-Gloria Skulls

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