Adeline Vs Shaman Changeling TSUNAMBEES:

A fun flick swarming with questions of faith, a Revelations quote that about locusts (you know the one) that is supposed to apply to bees, a Queen Bee in human form, and surprise zombification by bee bite.  This film tries to be serious, but it’s tough to do when the writer doesn’t connect the Revelation dots other than locusts (we can pretend) and faith (you better not pretend)! It makes for an odd psychosis watching these hangry bees eat people.

Writer and director, Milko Davis, relies a little too much on the viewer’s common sense – big mistake, we’re dumb as lint – that some exotic Nigerian locale has infected bees with some sorta zombifying effect. Davis should have hammered it out a little better. Other than that, don’t take this film too seriously because you’ll be bummed if you do! Think: Left Behind marries Sharknado. Yup.

There are some great digital effects in the jungle scene and when the Queen Bee reveals herself. Zombie make up and Fangoria geeks will be left wanting in this film. Still a cool way to spend 90 minutes because what make up actually is in the movie is high quality.

CULPRITS:  It’s an even performance by everyone in the cast. Normally, I try to highlight a couple stand outs. Well done, by Kathy Davis, in charge of casting.

THE HAPS:  The setting is supposed to be in Sambisa Forest, Nigeria. However, the bees decide to take a vacay to L.A. because well, all the other states didn’t look as yummy. Don’t get jelly!

DIALOGUE:  best line “You don’t know who you’re messin’ with, Gingerbread Man!” to a red headed, gun toting, vigilante.

Don’t get popcorn, you’ll throw it at your TV. Opt for taffy to keep your mouth hinged to your skull because your mouth is gonna drop a couple times. The best take away from this is: learn to be a basic bitch and follow the damn Bible so your ass don’t get chewed by bees pretending to be locusts (or locusts pretending to be bees?). Again, lint.

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