Gloria Spends The Day With THE UNHOLY (1988)

The Unholy (1988) film is a classic 80’s Horror film about Good vs. Evil, Demons vs. Angels. Based in New Orleans a series of mysterious murders against priest in the local catholic church is the talk of the town.

Father  John Michael (Ben Cross) is called by the diocese to look after St. Agnes church where two previous priests have been brutally murdered. When Father Michael is told of the mysterious murders he ask “Who did it?” Archbisho Mosely (Hal Holbrrok) answers “That’s a matter for the police and for God”, a weird response knowing two priest have been murdered and the murderer is still out there! Father Michael will soon find out that St. Agnes Catholic church is dominated by a demon known as Daesidarious, or The Unholy and its up to him to battle with the forces of evil and exorcise the parish. Father Michael’s ultimate test is to confront the blasphemous demon in a battle to the death. Will he be strong enough to not give into temptation and defeat this beast?

The Unholy also called by its ancient name Daesidaious, is a powerful and malevolent demon that kills sinners in the act of sinning. Daesidarious is a Demonic collector of pure souls for example priests or virgins, she thrives on damnation and deception. She temps priests and if they fall into temptation by breaking their holy vows she kills them in the act of sinning and send their souls to hell.

The Vestron Video collection from Lionsgate delivers again and they don’t skimp on extras either. Camilo Vila gives a complete and interesting commentary. There are two Interviews as well with Co-writer Fernando Fonseca and Composer Roger Bellon. Not stopping there, there are three featurettes that dig deeper into the movie. Sins of the Father, Demons in the Flesh, and Prayer Offerings. Each takes you deeper into the making of this classic. You even get to see the original ending! Plus trailers, TV commercials and galleries. This disc is loaded!

Writer Vila a Cuban immigrant raised in New York City pursued his passion at the school of Visual Arts NYC, studying film and photography. The Unholy written by Vila is a thrilling 80’s horror film with an enjoyable story plot about the war between holy men and demons for the salvation or damnation of souls. I enjoyed watching it, its undoubtedly a must watch if you enjoy 80’s classics with a bit of mystery and thrills.

-Gloria Skulls

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