Review: Taking A Look at Devil’s Domain

When life gets cruddy and friends backstab you, bury the bastards in Devil’s Domain. While it has typical revenge plot by making a pact with the devil it’s easy to dismiss it. Don’t do that. Writer and director, Jared Cohn, is taking cheesy soul selling to a different level. Sexy good stuff is actually reason to plow moral ground and get a new generational message out to the masses:  cruelty, bullying, and instant sharing on public forums has real consequences!

You might think at points it devolves into soft porn with lots of chick on chick action, but it’s deeper than that because our heroine, Lisa, is a shunned lesbian (and a bulimic, and a cutter, and a horny masturbating teenager). After Lisa’s friend, Andrew, betrays her by planting cameras in her room and bathroom, the video goes viral online. A watchful Satan aka Destiny befriends Lisa and offers her a way to win – who can resist a red clad Linda Bella? Hello!? Trouble is Lisa, played an ounce flat by Madi Vodan, has no idea revenge equals death. As always, Satan has some fine print:  Lisa needs to be a baby mama! But that’s the price of wiping out her enemies.  What would you do?

The gore is nearly every way to rip stuff out of the body. Lots of blood. Lots of stringy stuff. Lots of squishy, messy, crudeness! This won’t disappoint horror fans with its almost How To chronicling of getting even.  Makeup effects come full frontal when sexyfied Satan turns into its true form as a Creature, conceived by by Vincent J. Guastini. Creature suit is pretty flawless and I loved the paint and spray job.

As an aside, if anyone is paying attention, figure out why and how a Mr. Gretten always seems to be in pivotal moments of this heroine’s life.


There are varying levels of pitch in this movie, but the stand outs are Linda Bella who rocks a red dress from scene 1 until her fateful fertilization of Lisa. Michael Madsen as Lisa’s step-father is completely believable, but then again, it’s Michael MotherFucking Madsen! He could sell Kool-Aid that smelled like diarrhea.  Also, Andy Rappos, has an interesting bit as “Shemale” who Cohn makes a point of using as a sacrificial offering caught in the crosshairs of Lisa’s vindication. Intertwine this with the Satan of both sexes (Angie Stevenson – yes, that gorgeous, buxom, hotsy totsy!) and we have a trans-possibly-no-gender vibe mirrored in these two binary characters.

THE HAPS: San Antonio, but could easily be Anytown, USA. I liked that about the setting because it helps sell that this can happen to anyone. The family lives in a good neighborhood, both parents work, there’s no abuse, although there is a teensy small townish feel to Lisa’s high school it’s still a solid way to introduce the mean girls who get theirs.

DIALOGUE: best line:  “Don’t get in the way of my video, that would not be cool” by Linda Bell as she films Lisa’s love interest squirting (not who, but what).

I liked this film after watching it twice. The first time I dismissed it because the surface value was too high school melodrama. However, given Jared Cohn’s previous efforts like Born Bad, for example, you can see he’s shooting for a more serious message. A second viewing is necessary to truly appreciate the layers in this flick. Watch and enjoy this repackaged warning about private versus public ways of life!

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