Review: GREMLIN (2017) Is Not Your Father’s Mogwai

Do you remember the 1984 film Gremlins? Those fury little creatures (Mogwai)? Don’t feed them after midnight! Don’t let them get in the water! And no bright lights! Well this film has nothing to do with those cute little mogwais. This films creature is a little more “alien” type. But the title works since Gremlin does mean Mischievous invisible being. Although this little mischievous being is not quite invisible, and its far away from furry and cute.

The beginning of the movie is off to an intense start, you get to meet the creature. He makes quite the appearance by coming out of this beautiful antique looking box, kind of like a jack in the box. Your never sure went it’s going to come out and scare you. Husband Jim and wife Lisa are scared out of their fucking minds! They don’t know what to expect. The creature comes out and attacks them, and kills Lisa. After this horrific incident Jim must continue the vicious cycle of passing this mysterious box on to a loved one. What kind of messed up cycle is that? To get rid of it pass it to someone you love, if you don’t, beware of the consequences.

This CGI creature feature is the great work of Director/Writer Ryan Bellgard, who also wrote and directed “Army of Frankenstein’ about an army of Frankenstein’s from different parallel universe sent back in time to the Civil War. Talk about imagination! This film sure keeps you guessing, what is this creature? Where did it come from? How did it get in the box? Well some questions are answered at about an hour into the movie. Don’t get me wrong, in between there are some gruesome, bloody, morbid scenes that will make you cringe!

This film should be on yours to watch list, especially since Halloween is almost near! You’re going to need a hand full of Creature Features and GREMLIN is a great out of the box film.

-Gloria Skulls

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