Review: Don’t Mess With This Priestess – VOODOO (2017)

VOODOO is a low budged film written and produced by Tom Costabile. He created the production company Hyper Cube Films and “Voodoo” is their first motion picture. This 120-minute film is off to a low start, about 40 minutes of this film you’re getting to know the characters and their stories.

Dani (Samantha Stewart) is a New Orleans girl who is leaving her complicated everyday life behind and taking a trip to Sunny California to visit her cousin Stacy (Ruth Reynolds). Dani was dating a man who turns out to be married, to a Voodoo Priestess. A curse has been put on Dani and the worst is yet to come. Stacy is a free spirit in a rock n roll band. Stacy and Dani hit the town visiting all the famous land marks in southern California. I really enjoyed this part of the film because I myself have been to these places and it really is a sight to see. First place they visit is Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood Blvd is where the stars are at, “The walk of Fame”. The Rainbow bar and grill. The Rainbow is known for its notorious Rockstar sightings, and guess who they run into at the Rainbow? Ron Jeremy, that’s right Ron Jeremy makes an appearance. They also visit Venice beach.  Venice beach is as real as it gets! Vendors and bums and rich tourist all in the same place enjoying the California sun. After enjoying their time out in town things start getting a little weird.

Being cursed by a voodoo priestess is no joke! Dani finds herself in Hell! I must admit for a low budget film they really put a lot of effort and thought into the last 50 minutes of this film. It reminds me of the famous poem “Inferno” by Italian Author Dante Alighieri. Going thru the stages of what ones living hell would be like. Would Dani make it out alive? Or will she have to make hell her home? This film is a must watch, its gory, its bloody, its messy, all the elements needed for an instant horror classic.

-Gloria Skulls

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