Review: Adeline Vs. AMERICAN MUMMY (2017)

New horror movies on DVD and Bluray – I love mummy movies better than zombie movies. There I said it. I said the thing horror nerds are not supposed to say! Watching American Mummy – a slumbering Tezcalipoca, God of night, war, and judgment, I felt excited because he is reanimated by an over-zealous archeology student during a dig in New Mexico. Why is this mummy Aztec and not Egyptian? Great question. Suck it. It just is – one gauze fits all!

Thankfully, the student responsible, Carmen, was with a small group of students and a visiting professor now turned private sectarian, who have the chance to understand what she unleashed and quelch it. Or do they? Reacting to the belief a curse like that of King Tut was unleashed, the students are desperate to leave. Problem: they all turn on each other one by one because the truth is it’s far scarier within than without, suckas!!

Plenty o’ guts to go around in this fist clincher! Might wanna keep a vomit bag around.

CULPRITS – The cast, deliver decent performances, but three stand outs were Peter Marr (Albert), Esther Canata (Carmen), Erin Condry (Connie), and Jennifer June Ross (Becca). The sensitive story line between Albert and Connie is the most poignant in the film. Carmen spews sexxxy badassery from opening scene until her unfortunate exit. Becca  is the most rounded and believable because of her versatility as she moves from scene to scene. The professor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Lobachevsky, is Greg Salman who wrote and produced the film.

THE HAPS – Setting is in New Mexico but you will see some recognizable areas from Apple Valley and Northridge. The easy set change from desert to black tent with minor table and bed moves is smart of director, Charles Pinion. Cinematography was pretty simple yet effective. You can tell what’s happening fairly easily without getting bogged down in too much decoration often used as distraction nowadays or 15 subplots!

DIALOGUE – Nothing memorable. No snappy zingers, unfortunately. Fault Salman!

If you’re looking for a simple story, bare bones of CG, this is it. There are a lot of old school gore elements, which should make horror nerds quite happy. American Mummy definitely delivers on its “devil within” premise. If you love mummy flicks but not indie flicks, go watch Tom Cruise’s debacle, Mummy – it’s vanilla and boring and you’ll love it!!

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