Review: Besetment Is The Right Kind Of Harassment

New horror movies on DVD – Besetment, what does Besetment mean? I’m sure many of you like myself where wondering the same thing. Besetment means harassed, to attack on all side and that is exactly what is happening to Amanda Millard (played by Abby Wathen). Life has not been good to Amanda, she’s desperately looking for a job opportunity, she takes a leap of faith only to fall into the pits of her living hell.

Mildred Colvin (played by Marlyn Mason) is an older widowed that owns a hotel in a small town called Mitchell in Oregon, that’s where Amanda just started working. Mildred is a sweet old lady, but don’t let appearances fool you. She is the most macabre and sinister character in this film. Mildred has a son Billy Colvin played (by Michael Meyer). Mildred and Billy have a special mother and son relationship. Its Bates Motel on another level of craziness! Between these two they turn Amanda’s life around and not for the best. Billy is a bit saner than his mother and at one point he tries to help Amanda only to fail miserably.

One of my favorite scenes in this film is the ending scene. Throughout this film there’s twists and turns and unexpected events that make your jaw drop. The whole time I really wanted to rescue Amanda from her misery. I can only imagine what she felt like. But the ending totally blindsided me and kept me wanting more! It’s intentionally creepy to make you want more! If you want to know what I mean, well you’re just going to have to watch for yourself. I also really enjoyed the intro to the movie, it was almost like Alfred Hitchcock’s (1960) film Psycho. Another good scene is about twenty minutes into the story, it involves what looks like a bloody shower scene. For those who watched Psycho you can almost compare it to the murder of Marion Crane by Norman Bates.

Director/Writer Brad Douglas did an amazing job putting everyday life realities into this film, really pushing the boundaries on the reality of what an abusive parent can be like. Drug abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse are all important elements that make this movie a psychological horror thriller a must see!

-Gloria Skulls

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