Review: #FromJennifer

If you want to enjoy a movie with Comedy, Horror and Revenge, #fromjennifer is the movie to see!  Writer and director Frank Merle did a stupendous job combining all these elements together to bring us a movie with twisted and unfortunate thrilling events.

Jennifer played by actress Daniella Taddei does an amazing job portraying her sweet, innocent yet psycho, adventurous character. Butch Valentine played by Derek Mears, you might know him from his role as Jason Voorhees in the 2009 Reboot film Friday the 13th. Butch is a sweet gentile giant. Like Jennifer, he’s also just the right amount of psycho and twisted. These two were made for each other. Special guest appearance by actor Tony Todd, you can remember Tony from the Candy Man franchise, and the Final Destination franchise among many others. Todd’s character is Chad. Chad is Jennifer’s manager, he gives her advice and pushes her to believe in herself that she can be a star!

Jennifer is your sweet girl next door. She’s been dumped and she believes her acting career is about to be over. Her manager Chad advises her to start a blog and to make videos to gain a fan base. Jennifer seeks help from friend/acting class buddy Stephanie Hart. Stephanie Hart is a social media indulger, she loves her fans and she knows exactly what the audience likes. Jennifer is ready to let the world into her personal life. But little did she knows she was already “internet famous”. Her decision-making take her and Butch on an unexpected journey full of regret and murder.

 One of my favorite scenes of the movie is when Jennifer meets Butch. She likes Butch because like her, Butch has been heart-broken and she relates to his pain and misfortune. Instantly they both become dependent on each other. Another great scene that comes to mind is when Jennifer is finally tired of everything and she lets her inner demons take over, causing torture and death to prove a point.

The cinematography was interesting, the way the camera tells the story, captures the essence of the thematic elements at hand, its pleasing and it contributes to the films distinctive character and identity. When watching this film I felt as if I was the main character, being able to see everything thru her eyes, it gives you an insight into Jennifer’s personality.

#fromjennifer had me laughing and at the edge of my seat! If you’re a thrill seeker and a horror junky I definitely recommend that you watch this and explore your inner psycho.

Gloria Skulls

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