‘Pitchfork’ Now Available On Blu-Ray/DVD – Loaded With Bloody Extras!

Glenn Douglas Packard’s acclaimed and controversial slasher shocker Pitchfork is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray From Uncork’d Entertainment!

Every generation has its monster; Pitchfork is the new slasher for the ages!


Pitchfork has proven to be a bloody good time as the positive reviews flow in. I am very excited that Pitchfork is now available on blu-ray. Not only is this blu-ray loaded with extras, the quality and picture is “Crisp, Vibrant, & Captivating.”  The story-line offers that “small-town terror” and introduces moviegoers to a creepy backstory that will allow the story to flow.

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From The Press Release:


Pitchfork, the highly anticipated horror spectacle hits DVD and Blu-ray which includes over hours of amazing special features you don’t want to miss. This independent new villain and nightmare in horror cinema takes you behind the scenes on how this instant classic, outstanding new boogeyman was created. Along with fun outtakes from the director and cast that will show you that there can be fun in horror as well. The DVD is now available at Amazon (with new limited edition art), Walmart and Family Video, with a Blu-ray release also available. Extras on the DVD and BD include ‘Behind the Scenes: The Making of ‘Pitchfork‘ featurette, ‘Becoming Pitchfork: Making of a Monster’ featurette, deleted scenes, bloopers, fun outtakes, teaser & trailer, and audition tapes.



Info: Produced by Packard, Darryl F. Gariglio and Noreen Marriott, with associate producer Shaun Cairo and boasting a screenplay by Gariglio and Packard, Pitchfork is a “loving homage to the great slasher franchise of the ’80s” (Morbidly Beautiful). What’s also so unique about this horror film is when the market is saturated with multi-million dollar budgets Pitchfork is an ultra-low budget film, made with only one camera and shot in just 21 days. Pitchfork has struck a chord with film fans, horror buffs and filmmaking aficionados alike. Pitchfork is further proof that you don’t need big bucks, just a bloody dream and lots of drive to make a solid genre film.


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