Review: Chupacabra Territory Is A Fresh Look At The Legend

The Chupacabra is one of the weirdest and most under used characters from modern folklore. Other than a couple of films and an episode or two of THE X-FILES, it barely registers in cinematic appearances. Hoping to change all that is The Chupacabra Territory, the debut film from Matt McWilliams.

After several disappearances, a group of friends (Sarah Nicklin , Michael Reed, Alex Hayek, Elliot Book and Bryant Jansen) decide to uncover the mystery. Every part of the spectrum is represented including the extreme believer, witch Amber (Sarah Nicklin) and the extreme skeptic Morgan (Alex Hayek). As they go out into the woods, things get stranger and stranger. Bites, mutilations and other odd findings feed Amber’s thirst for more and Morgan’s lack of respect for the entire trip.  The first half tends to “walk in circles” much like The Walking Dead, but the second half picks up considerably. Does this make the film good? That is a matter of opinion and I suggest seeing the film for yourself to form your own opinion.

There are a few high points and lots of lows but that is just me. The movie is split in two, the first half being unwatchable and the second settling down into a creepy vibe that delivers some scares. What is funny is that the two extremes, Sarah Nicklin and Alex Hayek are also the best and the worst of the scale acting wise. Sarah Nicklin brings a lot to her character of Amber throughout the film. On the other hand, Alex Hayek is terribly miscast. He looks to be a 40-year-old trying desperately to fit in with his twenty something friends. That, combined with the utter ridiculousness of his character, make him the biggest minus in the film acting wise. Maybe that was a conscious choice since he is a non believer…maybe.

One of the oldest legends in the world is the Chupacabra from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This legendary creature has also been spotted in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Brazil, United States, and Mexico. As you can tell, the creature is mostly found and Spanish-speaking countries and it’s origins only solidify its heritage. Some may think the new film, Chupacabra Territory is a bit of a cultural a front (it is the “whitest” Chupacabra movie ever) and others may find it an exciting new look at a legend that deserves more exploration. In any case, it is worth a watch and judgment on its own. I’ll give it 3 out of 6 sins. It’s if nothing else, a fresh look at the legend and you may like it.

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