Review: Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word (2016)

New horror movies on DVD and VOD – Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word is out today and you may want to brace yourself for a disturbing evening. The set up for the film is based on the 1982 rape of Sister Tadea Benz, a nun in a nearby convent. Being a small religious Texas town, a mentally challenged local kid with a history of minor offenses is arrested and convicted. On death row, Johnny proclaims his innocence one final time in a long hastily scribbled letter which falls on deft ears. His life is ended with the most damning evidence coming from a psychic. This is where the true story ends the the horror film begins.

Adam Redman (Mike Doyle) is a good man. He was the only man on the jury who believed Garrett was innocent. Of course he was bullied into changing his vote and has moved on with his life. Then things begin the happen. People die and Adam sets out to prove Johnny Garrett’s innocence. Good scary movies are hard to find and Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word delivers. The real life circumstances surrounding the film set it up in the perfect way but also create an uncomfortable feeling. In any case, It works. NOTE: DNA evidence has been done and shows that the man responsible was of a completely different race.

The acting is pretty solid through out with Sean Patrick Flanery and Mike Doyle doing most of the heavy lifting. Flanery plays the villainous D.A. that you will hate and with good reason. He is a soulless man who uses the bible as his main tactic in prosecuting Garrett.

Mike Doyle and Erin Cummings balance Flanery out as the couple trying to save themselves from supernatural revenge. The bring an honesty to a film that could easily go off the rails.

This film isn’t for everyone. The supernatural element that is the basis of the film may offend some familiar to the case but in a world where life imitates art let’s not forget that sometimes, it goes the other way too. Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word is available on VOD NOW. Have a look if you are looking for horror films based on true stories. This is worth the watch.

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