Bloody Aftermath – Black Sails XXXII.

There reaches a point in a story when the tide turns, when destinies can no longer be altered, and fates are sealed. In BLACK SAILS XXXII, this is that point and it is made with the sacrifice of so much that one cannot help but feel a sadness at the birth of the legend.

Slaves are being disciplined across the island of New Providence, beat with burning brooms to instill fear against one slave who might think of joining the revolt. One particular, a slave named Julius, seems defiant, but before anything transpires, word comes in…Nassau has fallen. There is a chaos on the streets the likes of which we have never seen.

Dooley wanders the streets making his way back to Flint with a note from Eleanor. British Navy men running in fear, executed and decapitated. Maybe not even in that order. Amongst the madness, Eleanor escapes to the fort along with the members of Governor Rogers Regime.

Back in Nassau town, Flint and Silver wrestle with attempting to reestablish order immediately but that gets complicated. The note from Eleanor has one request, a prisoner exchange, Flint’s men (including De Groot) for Max, who Billy has.

Aboard The Revenge, Rogers learns of Nassau’s fall and puts one of his Lieutenants in charge of Jack, Anne, and the rest of Blackbeard’s crew. His orders; deliver them to Port Royal to hang. Well he has no intention of doing this. What follows was hard to watch and only got harder as the minutes rolled on. There are no words to describe the act or the retribution doled out by Anne at great cost, but Jack and her do take the ship.

In an equally hard to watch, hard to look away moment, Silver confronts Billy. Only it’s not John Silver the person he knew, it’s Long John Silver, the legend he created. It is a tense scene that shows how far they grown from each other in the months since being trapped on the maroon island.

Max tells Silver of Anne meeting a man in London who can make people disappear but cares for them in secret. This is a bombshell! The allusion is to Thomas Hamilton being alive still but I thought further. Perhaps this is an out for Anne Bonny and maybe Jack. Just a thought.

Also, Julius, the slave from the beginning has started his own army against England and the pirates. Billy’s sins are haunting him. A lot happened this episode and will continue to happen as we get closer to the end of our journey. These are just the high points.

Luke Arnold’s performance is once again electrifying. It is amazing that every episode tops the last as far as his performance goes but every episode gets a little darker and he becomes more terrifying. His coldness that he turns on and off. Incredible. Tom Hopper also holds his own against him. He plays Billy confident but also with a bit of fear. He is sure of himself but well aware that he is outmatched and it is his doing.

If Luke had an equal this episode, it was Clara Paget. If there is anything I have trouble watching, it’s violence against women and Anne Bonny’s fight against the British bruiser was a hard one to stomach. What was great though was once again Anne keeps it real. Survive now only to swing in Port Royal. What’s the point? Her entire performance during the fight made a statement without saying a word.

Finally Jessica Parker Kennedy and Hanna New finally have a quiet scene together when they can talk about their past. There is regret in Eleanor’s voice and it makes me wonder if the old Eleanor is still in there. I think she might be.

Another powerful episode that makes me hate the fact that it’s coming to an end. Eleanor is up to something next episode so the question is…will things get better or worse? I’m leaning toward the latter.

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