British Thriller – ‘Deadly Virtues’ Now Available On Major VOD Outlets.

Nominated for the International Fantasy Film Award, Deadly Virtues: Love, Honor, & Obey is now available on major VOD outlets! Deadly Virtues has been said to travel to those dark places that are usually left untouched and exploits the methodical nightmare, taking the moviegoing experience to the next level. Check out the trailer below.


This press release writer is a seasoned horror film fan, but I shamefully admit having my eyes closed for a more than few of the intense scenes in the first part of Deadly Virtues. The film has been called “Fantastic…masterful…superb.” by Ain’t It Cool;  “A delightful, suspense-filled’re gripped from start to finish.” by BritFlicks and “Entertaining…engaging” by VideoViews.

A stranger breaks into the house of a couple ties up the husband and, having a whole weekend at his hand, plays a slow game with the woman, a game of threats, fear, obedience – and intimacy.

This home invasion thriller with a fantastic twist was directed by Ate de Jong and stars Megan Maczko, Matt Barber, and Edward Akrout. This film is now out on many VOD sites including:

Deadly Virtues Official Trailer 


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