Third Time’s A Charm: ‘All Through The House’ [Review]

Have you ever watched a film for a second or even third time and whispered to yourself? – “Damn, that was better than the first time?” That is exactly what I said after my third viewing of All Through The House.

All Through The House premiered back in 2015 on Halloween at the RIP Horror International Film Festival in Hollywood. The film won Best Editing, Best Slasher, and the Audience Choice Award, very impressive.

Returning home from college, Rachel (Ashley Mary Nunes) is going to be spending some time with her friends and grandmother (Cathy Garrett). All though this suburban neighborhood appears quiet, it holds a dark secret. Fifteen years ago, their neighbor’s daughter was unwillingly removed from the home on Christmas never to be seen again. The child’s mother, Mrs. Garrett (Melynda Kiring) continues to over decorate the home and keeps the Christmas spirit very alive. Let me tell you, the over decorating is just as disgusting as the kills in this film!

A masked killer Santa terrorizes the neighborhood leaving behind a blood trail as this menacing monster makes its way to the home of Mrs. Garrett. Rachel begins to ponder if this Santa could be the kidnapper that stole the poor little girl all those years ago and she begins to question who her family is.  However, most importantly will Rachel and her friends survive the night to open gifts Christmas morning?

Written and directed by Todd Nunes, All Through The House does an amazing job paying homage to our slasher films, especially our Christmas slashers that we hold dear to our hearts. With a decent body count and with inventive killings such as stabbing of breasts and cut off penises, All Through The House does not hold back one bit! Many criticize the common tropes often found in these films, but I found them to be the main ingredient that made this film wonderful, it is what I wanted to see.

All Through The House is a Christmas slasher that I have come to love even more after my third viewing. During my first two viewings, I absolutely was in aww, this cast is so sexy and beautiful, just perfect for this film. During this viewing of the film, I paid closer attention to character arches, and I was impressed by Melynda Kiring’s performance as Mrs. Garrett. Kiring brought so much to the table at times I was more fearful of her and not the killer Santa Clause. Melynda really played it well, developing a dark personality and performance as the movie progressed. Another character that was just out right funny was Cathy Garret who portrayed Abby (Rachel’s Grandmother). Let me tell you she has a mouth on her just like a sailor. Speaking her mind and dropping the “F-bomb” every so often as she wheeled herself in her wheelchair around the kitchen, this was my kind of grandmother! I really had a lot of fun watching this character as she talked “shit” about everyone.

Director and Writer Todd Nunes hit the nail on the head with this film! I highly recommend this film not only as a Christmas gem, but hell watch it anytime of the year! I have a feeling that All Through The House will gain popular traction over the years and become a film watched around Christmas time. I am very excited to see what Nunes has next for us! Hopefully a sequel to this beloved slasher. Well, whatever the next project is I sure hope Nunes pulls a “Zombie” and recycles his actors and actresses, I have nothing but love for them, and I know I am not the only one.

You can purchase the Christmas Slasher by clicking here.

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