Desperate Men Do Desperate Things – BLACK SAILS XXIX

The final season of Black Sails has begun.  With the initial battle behind them, the pirates of Nassau have set their sights on Nassau’s shores. The plan is to return home and retake the island under the influence of Long John Silver, The Pirate King. Though a work of fiction created by Billy Bones, is effect is very real…and much needed.

But entering the harbor is no easy task. Ships have been scuttled beneath the surface and the fort is operational once again. This is a trap by Rogers and his new second in command, the psychopathic Captain Berringer, who attempt to shut down the revolution before it touches the very soil whose name it is fought. With many men captured, including Mr. De Groot and Doc Howe, the survivors make their way to the far shore, all except John Silver, whose metal prosthetic boot is tangled in the rigging  and being dragged down to the bottom by a cannon.

Aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard, Rackham and Bonny lead the fight away from shore. Jack is eager to prove himself and leads the vanguard when the Navy boards. Blackbeard has bigger plans though but they will come to light soon enough.

Away from the fight, Eleanor and Max have been pacified to an extent. Though Max refuses to play the role, Eleanor takes up needlepoint and like a good wife (did I mention that she and Rogers have married?) she sits in silence and does as she’s told.

In the interior, Billy Bones has become a leader. He, along with his men, have kept the rebellion alive and in doing so, do not feel beholden to Flint. This creates tension since the world is not big enough for Billy, Flint and Flint’s desires.

Nassau is upside down and it may never be the same after today.

The season kicks off with John Silver sinking to the bottom of the Caribbean during an attack.  This is bar none, the most epic battle ever fought on television, and this is only the premiere. You are afraid for every one of the characters. Dooley and Joji make it out but De Groot and Doc Howe are not so lucky. This feels like the beginning of the end and there is a lot going on.

This episode sets everything into motion for the final season.

John Silver is now with Madi and they together govern the alliance of pirates and slaves. Silver believes it is he and Flint who rule along side her. Madi corrects him. Though Silver has become a leader, there is still a need for a safety net. Training wheels as it were, and Flint fills that need. He seems hesitant to fully take on that responsibility. Is it out of loyalty for Flint or is there something more? With Flint still in a leadership position, Silver may realize that any plans that go sour will be blamed on Flint while any victories will be credited to him. Time will tell. Once again, Luke Arnold owns every scene he’s in. An amazing performance.

Max and Eleanor have been all but put out of business. Max is a survivor and is doing what is necessary tho she voices her opinion. It is hard to watch her in this way. She has always been a strong woman, even in her darkest hours, but these are desperate times. Max is still I believe the unofficial Queen of Nassau and I wait to see her next move. Eleanor seems to have a singular motive. To retain her comfort. It is not enough to survive, she wants to be comfortable. She wants position. She now reminds me of Frances Fisher’s character in Titanic. Rose’s mom. At this point I can see her growing into that in her old age.

Jack and Anne are now aboard Blackbeard’s ship. Jack really comes off like a school boy once again. It appears that he has found a new idol in Blackbeard and once again, is seeking approval. But once again, by the end of the episode, Anne schools Jack, Jack returns to form and schools Blackbeard just a bit. It’s a great episode for the three that gives them a couple of moments to live in.

Billy has also changed. Though I support Billy, he seems to be acting out of his hatred for Flint rather than logic. This pushes him into making a decision that will set him on a course from which he will never recover. He and Flints confrontation is like to bulls locking

All the pieces are laid out. With a devastating excellent season premiere, you better believe that it is only gonna get better from here. This season will bring all the characters to where they need to be in Treasure Island so expect a lot of tragedy.

Next week will get into much more of the nitty gritty like Jack and Blackbeard’s plan for Eleanor, where Billy and Flint stand, and just who picked up John Silver off the beach.

Till next week.


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