‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ – Part VI Jason Revealed Along With More Treats!

Back in December fans were presented with footage from the forthcoming Friday The 13th: The Game! It looks absolutely stunning; definitely, a dream come true for Friday fans! Gun Media also went Live with the game’s BETA, this allowed individuals who pre-ordered a chance to test out the new game.

This past Friday The 13th YouTube video was released from Gun Media showing off the new Jason designs for the game. We now have a playable Jason as he appears in Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Jason will have an array of weapons at his disposal including knives and the ability to throw them at campers as they attempt to scurry away from his wrath. This type of interaction with weapons is something that I along with many have been wanting to see! As a tribute to 80’s horror The Misfit’s song “Friday The 13th” is included and can be heard during the video, quite a treat I must say! I know that horror-based video games are not the easiest to make, and from what I have seen and from this video the production team’s hard work will pay off.

The Pre-Order for the game is still available for purchase, click here.

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