‘Resident Evil 7’ Gets Blood – Scented Candle!


Resident Evil 7 is going to tap into uncharted territory as it will create a real life environment for gamers, placing them in a New Orleans creepy house surrounded by deadly creatures and adding to the experience is the official Resident Evil 7 candle by merchandiser Merchoid.

Virtual Reality doesn’t get better than this! The scented candle called “Resident Evil 7: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 4D VR Candle are said to emit a fragrance of old timber, leather, and blood enhancing the game playing experience with the lasting power of about 18-20 hours. Right away I was brought back to the film Spy Kids: All The time in the World, I remember watching this movie in 4D and partaking in their “smell-o-vision.” A card, similar to a scratch and sniff was handed out, and it consisted of eight different scents that could be activated by swiping a finger across the card during, but that card doesn’t compare to this candle! I cannot help but wonder if this will be a trend for movie watching in the future? Hmmmm..I do wonder if future Blu-Ray releases will follow suit or will more video games come with a candle or something similar? Anyways, the pre-order price for this candle is $15.99 and that includes shipping. Supplies are limited so you might want to take advantage now! The shipments are said to go out on January 20th.

Resident Evil 7 is releasing worldwide on January 24th across the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

*Photos Courtesy of Merchoid.*

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