Review: Some Hear Wedding Bells, Many Hear SiREN

Marriage, the act of “taking the plunge,” has evolved in such a way that it happens less and when it does happen, it is typically later in life. The current 20 and 30-somethings— the “me generation”— have their sights set on achieving greatness. We all want to be loved but marriage, despite its warm fuzzy feels and financial perks, is a binding contract and many are becoming wise enough to read the fine print before signing. SiREN is an imaginative and aesthetically pleasing play on the anxieties that stem from the old ball and chain tightening around cold feet.

siren-key-set-05Rather than dragging the groom-to-be to another cliche Vegas adventure a la The Hangover, Mac has a more original bachelor party plan for his brother Jonah… and it’s to die for. With his friends Elliot and Rand in tow, Mac dictates to them as well as Jonah that anything goes on this special night. Upon arriving at an exclusive dance club in a small town, Mac and the other groomsmen each agree to pay an unusual price for Jonah to have one last chance to unleash the beast before tying the knot. Little do they know that the beast is not just a metaphor and she’s a real man-eater.

siren-key-set-07A feature length adaptation of the short segment “Amateur Night” in V/H/S/, SiREN is written by David Buckner and Nicholas Tecovsky, who together wrote the original short screenplay. Another face from the V/H/S crew is the director of SiREN Gregg Bishop, who previously directed the segment “Dante the Great” for V/H/S: Viral. SiREN stars Hannah Fierman (“Amateur Night”), Chase Williamson (Beyond the Gates, The Guest), and Justin Welborn (Beyond the Gates, “Dante the Great”).

siren-key-set-11Although SiREN at first seems to assume that only men fear the binding commitment ritual that we call a wedding, don’t be fooled as its content can apply to anyone. From the start of the film, it is apparent that Jonah’s bride-to-be has an overbearing dominant nature. The walls are closing in on Jonah and just when he gets one final night away, he is stalked and overpowered by a womanly beast of another color. However, the winged monster is not so different from Jonah. While Jonah only fears being locked away by another, it is already a reality for her. After all, the most frightening aspect of any given fear is looking it dead in the eyes.

If you are hearing wedding bells this winter, the only cure is SiREN, in theaters on December 2nd.


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