GAME OF THRONES is one of those shows than crosses all genres. I actually know very few people who have watched the show and not liked it. It just has a way of sucking you in. At the end of season 5, Jon Snow (Kit Harington of Silent Hill Revelations) was dead and that cliffhanger moment had the world guessing as to what comes next. So begins season 6 of the series and another excellent set. Lets talk about the set and its presentation.

Picture Quality – GAME OF THRONES is consistently the best transferred show on TV. For a show that relies so much on darkness at times, the blacks are never crushed and the amount of depth is beautiful. Each frame makes you feel as if you are standing in the room with them and the picture upconverts nicely to 4K if you have the capability.

Sound – As always, sound is equally important and the audio here, in Atmospheric Dolby, is amazing. The battle scenes alone will have you ducking and flinching with each clank of the sword.

Extras – I must admit that the crowning jewel for any release is the extras.

Audio Commentaries – Each of the 13 season 6 episodes get their own commentary track (episodes 5,9, and 10 actually have two). There is a lot of perspective given and if you are a fan of the show then these are for you.

Recreating the Dothraki World – A look at the entire culture of the Dothraki, how it was created, and how they function within the show.

Battle of the Bastards – A breakdown of the entire major battle between Jon Snow’s army and Ramsey’s. The amount of work that went into the scene is amazing.

18 Hours at the Paint Hall – This featurette is a long look at a single day of filming at Paint Hall in Ireland. Three units were filming at the same time. if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make a show like this, this is it.

Deleted Scenes – Small character moments. nothing more. With a show of this scale, you can’t afford to waste time so deleted scenes are rare.

In Episode Guides and Histories and Lore – Mythology of Westeros and Essos.

Once again this is an amazing set that does not disappoint. I have nothing but good things to say. It is available now and can be picked up HERE!


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