Review: Jennica Is Mind-Blown By It Watches

After a concussion from a recent accident, Andre struggles to remember the fine details of his daily life. As a favor to his friend Robert, Andre takes on a house sitting job at an unsettling abode deep in the hills of Los Angeles. Upon nightfall, Andre begins seeing people and objects move about the house and hearing sinister sounds through the halls. Perhaps someone or something is in the house with him… or the house is simply triggering his own insidious memories.

it-watches-22It Watches is directed by indie master of horror Dave Parker, best known for The Hills Run Red and his short segment “Sweet Tooth” in the new cult classic Tales of Halloween. This spontaneous thriller stars James Duval (Donnie Darko), Rick Irwin (30 Minutes Or Less), Sanny van Heteren (Hellraiser: Revelations), and Ivan Djurovic (Zoombies) who also co-wrote the screenplay with Parker.

it-watches-04Although the film begins like many horror films of the last decade with a handheld camera and a cute boy alone in an immaculate home, it quickly turns your expectations on their head and takes you for a bloody brutal spin. James Duval proves his flexibility as an actor in a role that allows room to be both the hero and the enemy in the story. And Ivan Djurovic is incredible to watch as he keeps you guessing whether Andre is the victim of a sick joke or if he is in fact losing his mind. Most noteworthy about this film, Parker and Djurovic’s ability to write an original story is the driving force that will keep you guessing just when you think you have the ending figured.

it-watches-01If you’re looking for an eerie twist on the home invasion or haunted house subgenres, It Watches will be available on VOD December 6th and on DVD February 21st.

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