Blu-ray Review: BLACK SAILS Season 3

Most shows tend to get more and more epic in their storytelling as time goes on but very few match the ambition on the page with scope. Every year of Starz original pirate series Black Sails has visually surpassed the last. In fact, the show rivals most scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean films in scale. With season 3, Black Sails introduced the most notorious pirate from history, Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. They sailed through a hurricane that matched the one seen in THE PERFECT STORM and a battle against British Regulars whose only comparison is THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. These are lofty claims, sure, but also true. This is the epic scope of season 3 that drops on Blu-ray and DVD on November 14th to prepare you for the final season this coming January.

Black Sails season 3 is all about war against the world. After the events of season 2, which left Miranda Barlow dead, and John Silver missing half his leg, Flint has gone somewhat mad. Silver steps up and helps lead the men of the Walrus, partially to not appear weak. Everyone is out of sorts but one thing is for certain, England wants its island back. Enter Blackbeard (played by Ray Stevenson). The legendary pirate returns to Nassau to find Charles Vane and return to pirating. Many worlds collide in season 3 which sets everyone on course to Treasure Island. New characters from the book emerge as well as the island itself!

As jammed packed as the season was, the BLACK SAILS Season 3 set gives you even more. Here is the breakdown:

Black Sails: Season Two Recap – A fun and extensive look at the series so far which allows new viewers to catch up right away and join in the pirate festivities.

Blackbeard: An 18th Century Pirate – A look at the man they called Blackbeard. If all you know is stuff from the movies, this is the perfect intro to the man!

 The Storm – This is an in depth, behind the scenes look at one of season 3’s biggest set pieces, the huge storm that Flint sails the Walrus through. Like NOTHING you’ve seen on TV before!

A Pirate’s Last Words – The most devastating death on the show is discussed in detail by the actor portraying him. Yes I’m being vague but in case you haven’t seen the show, I don’t want to spoil it.

Woodes Rogers – A look at the new governor who happens to be the man who stamped out piracy in the Caribbean. Woodes Rogers is a complex new character who is also based in history so it’s helpful to get some insight on ho this man is. Spoiler Alert, he is essentially the villain of our villains.

Inside the World of Black Sails – An episode by episode analysis of the season that discusses the main plot-points of the episode as well as how it may impact the bigger picture.

Anchor Bay has once again put together a fantastic set with solid extras. The picture blows up nicely to 4K for those who have the capability and the sound is precise in the quiet moments and thunderous when need be. A must own! BLACK SAILS Season 3 hits stores November 15th. You can pre-order it HERE.

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