EmLee Goes Crazy For CRAZED

Crazed grabs you from the very first shot. This off beat story reads very Sin City meets every Lone Wolf P.I. Noir film you’ve seen but don’t let that shy you away – This movie is in full color. The combination between realistic and stylized shots gives it it’s own unique feel.

crazed-2-1-600x338You definitely have to suspend your disbelief for this one, they don’t pull any punches. There’s plenty of violence, plenty of apathy to said violence, and if you like T and A there’s plenty of that too. What makes the main character Ronan Pierce “The Reaper” stand out is that he’s a cop on a revenge crusade for his daughters murder. His loose morals combined with the instinct to protect the weak is a classic throwback to Punisher style stories that leave you gunning for the bad guys of which this film has no shortage.

crazedThe cinematography is beautiful throughout. The shots make the seedier parts of the city look almost romantic and contrast wonderfully with the truly heinous acts committed on screen. It’s just great because you know when The Reaper comes the bad guys will get what’s coming to them. Don’t forget to note the sound either. For a film so filled with shouting and raucous music they sure know how to use silence. It’s suspenseful and creepy; sick and twisted with a soft heart that every daughter will recognize in the eyes of her father and that’s all before the third act!

crazed-1My favorite character by far is Lukas Lodder played by Harry Aspinwall whose theatricality lends its self to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s universe.  His giddiness is infectious and feels very natural in the role. Make sure you stay for the final boss battle too. There are plenty of reveals and a double cross or two!  I don’t want to give too much away, but you won’t see it coming.

One thing’s for sure – this movie is Crazed.

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