Halloween is the time of year when we get to see our favorite horror characters show up in unexpected places. This year is no different and a bit fun. If you are a fan of FAMILY GUY: THE QUEST FOR STUFF mobile game, all I can say is get ready and keep reading…

SANTA MONICA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 31, 2016—TinyCo, a Jam City Company, is pleased to announce a thrilling collaboration between Fox Digital Entertainment, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) and Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB), to bring an exciting mix of iconic film and television horror characters to FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff for the hit mobile game’s limited-time Halloween event.

The release features Billy the Puppet from Lionsgate’s Saw films, the most popular long-running horror franchise in history, Ash Williams from Starz’s popular Ash vs Evil Dead television series and Leprechaun from Lionsgate’s classic Leprechaun film franchise checking into a hilariously haunted hotel run by James Woods, a recurring Family Guy guest star.

This unique Halloween event builds upon Fox Digital Entertainment and TinyCo’s track record for keeping players engaged by regularly integrating third-party IP and new storylines into the beloved mobile game FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff.  In this version, “Sheriff” Peter Griffin and his costumed crew do battle with the supernatural forces that have taken over the hotel.

“As longtime fans of the TinyCo team and FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff, we are fired up and honored to include our intellectual property into this limited-time Halloween event,” said Peter Levin, President, Interactive Ventures & Games for Lionsgate. “Collaborating with Fox and Starz on this initiative and allowing fans of these iconic genre characters to interact in this medium is a win for all parties involved.”

“Starz is thrilled that Ash vs Evil Dead will be joining the FAMILY GUY: THE QUEST FOR STUFF.  Ash Williams, Billy the Puppet, Leprechaun and Peter Griffin are bringing the party this Halloween, and Quahog is going to be cleaning up the gore for a long time to come!,” said Alison Hoffman, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Starz.

Added Rick Phillips, Executive Vice President at Fox Digital Entertainment, “Halloween’s coming to Quahog and this year it’s going to be especially terrifying.  We’re excited to be working with Lionsgate and Starz to include these iconic horror characters in a great new event in FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff.”

The unique opportunity to incorporate characters from popular Lionsgate franchises and Starz series into FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff was one that Suli Ali, President at TinyCo, a Jam City Company, couldn’t be more enthusiastic about, “Halloween is one of our player’s favorite events. To be able to bring these beloved characters to the Family Guy universe is a fun and exciting privilege that will provide tons of scares and laughs!”

In addition to the new Lionsgate and Starz characters who will take on a new life in Quahog, the update introduces into the game a new Investigations feature, through which players can explore James Woods’ haunted hotel and scare off ghosts and ghouls with sensational new Halloween-themed actions and animations.

FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff’s Halloween event is available now on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. For more information on TinyCo, please visit: http://www.tinyco.com. Visit FAMILY GUY: The Quest for Stuff’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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