EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Danzig’s Top 10 Horror Films For Halloween

Musically, nothing screams Halloween better than the music of Glenn Danzig. Whether it’s classic horror inspired songs from The Misfits, dark world understanding of Samhain, or pure evil of his namesake entitled project, Glenn has always drawn from and in turn, inspired horror films.

This Halloween, as a treat, Glenn Danzig sat down with Sinful Celluloid and gave his top 10 all time horror films. Now you have some homework for All Hallows Eve. Let Danzig know some of your favorites in the comments below…


3 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Danzig’s Top 10 Horror Films For Halloween

  1. Man, i thought there would be more campy 50s and 60s horror or sci fi on the list, but who is gonna tell Danzig what are the best horror flicks?!!!? I preferred the 2nd Omen over the final conflict myself but any of the Omens are always a great choice. 👍🐻

  2. Top ten of mine…
    I. The Devils Bride
    II. Satan’s Slave
    III. Horror Hotel
    IV. Suspiria
    V. Demons
    VI. The Exorcist
    VII. Beyond the Door
    VIII. Dracula 1931
    IX. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    X. CHUD

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