#Screamfest Jennica Drinks In The Master Cleanse

Carrying around excess baggage and toxic energy can really weigh a person down over time. The longer you hold onto the monster inside of you, the larger and more ferocious it will grow… until it finally consumes you. But it is difficult to purge this beast without proper assistance. Sometimes you need a nice weekend retreat and a buddy to lift you up. Sometimes you need The Master Cleanse.

themastercleanse-3Devastated over the loss of his fiancé and his job, Paul decides to spend some time at an unusual spiritual retreat after seeing a late-night commercial on his television. To overcome his weaknesses and quite literally defeat the demon holding him back from a fresh start in life, he must fill his body with grotesque concoctions and abide by strict, mentally draining guidelines. But when living with a demon for so long, it is difficult not to become attached. Will Paul have the strength to kill a part of himself?

maxresdefaultWritten and directed by monster fan Bobby Miller (Tub) and produced by Jordan Horowitz (La La Land, The Kids Aren’t Alright), The Master Cleanse made it’s Los Angeles debut at Screamfest on October 22nd. The film stars comedy sensation Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), Oliver Platt (Lake Placid), and horror’s most eccentric witchy woman Anjelica Huston (The Witches). Both fully accustomed to portraying quirky characters, Huston and Platt make the perfect pair to run the show on this bizarre journey. Meanwhile, Galecki and Friel team up to break away from television and leap onto the silver screen in more three-dimensional roles that are inevitably relatable.

johnnyIn a similar vein as the 2013 film Bad Milo, The Master Cleanse combines comedy with deep metaphorical thought, not to mention some of the most disgustingly cute creatures that will ever catch your eye. While this film contains occasional but much appreciated humor regarding bodily functions and perhaps a couple gross-out scenes, the overall message runs deep. Everyone has their inner demons. They look like us and sound like us because they are a part of us. And because they are a part of us, we take comfort in their familiarity. The hardest part of change is learning to let go.

Are your life’s troubles weighing you down? Are you ready to become the person that you have always wanted to be? Then fill your glass with The Master Cleanse.

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